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All candles are made with 100% soy wax unless otherwise noted. With a few minor exceptions for the particularly hard to replicate scents, our candles are made with high quality essential oils.


Interested in what you sign smells like? Light your corresponding candle to provide that extra spiritual boost to seize the day.


You know those thoughts you typically have, that sometime slip out, and you just don’t care? The Bitchcraft Series is designed channel your badass-ery….


Find your balance through these charged aromatherapy candles.

Witch Types

When you want to master your craft, you hone your skills while being inspired by the elements you work with. This line is designed to support you with channeling these energies.

Fall & Halloween

Our favorite time of the year, and probably yours, too! Just because they are intended for the beautiful harvest season, doesn’t mean we do not light these year-round…

Pop Culture

Ever wonder what it would smell like walking through your house halls that you were sorted into? What about being near your three favorite witches on a glorious morning in Salem? Explore this line of expressive candles sure to make great gifts.


Looking for candle to boost your connection with a particular deity? Add these candles to your altar to help focus that energy.

Crystal Themed Candles

Channel the raw energy of these crystal themed candles, sure to please everyone!

Boxes and Kits

Not sure where to start? Looking for a quick solution to expand your collection? These boxes and kits were designed with you in mind!

One-Time Boxes and Kits

Witchy Service

Looking for some spiritual guidance? Explore our options below!

Spell Jars and Readings

Home Decor

The house has to look and feel the part! Add these tasteful additions to bring balance to your home while letting others know you mean business.

Spirit Balls

Spirit Balls are said to……..