About Us

Oh, well hello there my magical friends. And you, too, my history nerds and historians. Regardless of what brought you to my page, I’m happy you’re here.

I started the Whimsical Witch in 2018 as a small candle company and I had no idea what I was doing and what my “brand” was. Well, it’s safe to say I’ve found it. I love making my snarky can beautifully decorated candles, little sculptures and other home decor items.

But, I am a whimsical witch after all and my interests vary all over the place (if you couldn’t tell by my, what, eight different candle lines right now) and that’s how Effed Up History and my tours began.

When I went to college for my first degree many moons ago I studied literary studies. But no matter how many novels and poems and manifestos I may have read during that time, I was always looking at it from a historical perspective. I graduated, became a teacher for a while which I absolutely loved but I was teaching young children and it wasn’t necessarily feeding my need for meaningful conversation. And using profanity and sarcasm is generally frowned upon. Imagine that!

In 2020 I decided to begin my masters degree in history which I had put off for about six years at that point. I took a few college-level history courses to make sure that I could, you know, do the whole school thing, and it turned out that I could, in fact, do the whole school thing.

But during this time, I was reading a lot of history that was pretty effed up and listening to a lot of podcasts about true crime and mythology and other effed up stuff and I decided that I had something to say. So I started Effed Up History. Where we talk about little tidbits from history that’s super fucked up.

In 2021, we visited Salem, Massachusetts because I was interested in a graduate school in the area and we fell in love. Two months later we were living here and I was so enthralled with the history of the city and missed the meaningful conversations, so the Whimsical Witch Tours began.

And the rest, as they say, is history.